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You Know, This Smog

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

You know, this smog: it’s not helping anybody. Not the pedophiles. Not the ivory-tower wannabes. It’s not helping the police officers who shoot first and then ask questions. It’s not helping those crying out from hunger. It’s not helping the narcissists and it’s certainly not helping those about to do something inappropriate.

It’s eating up my mother and it’s spewing out her children. It’s vomiting on the fathers and it’s knocking up half-sisters and it’s demanding payment from all the victims of hate. This smog — it’s blaspheming every imaginable orifice. It’s mucking up the sewers and flushing all of your toilets at once. This smog — this smig — it’s forming generations of perpetrators. It’s telling their children, that violence is okay; it’s emphasizing to schoolyards that they are meant to be bullied. This smog.

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