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We Don’t Need

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

We don’t need your mother’s cooking;

we don’t need your alibis.

We don’t need your pilfered ointment;

we don’t need, your goddamn lies.

We don’t need your wretched purpose;

we don’t need, your sense of shame.

We don’t need your crooked tonsils;

and we don’t need, your cursive name.

All we need is love and freedom:

all we need, is milk and bread.

All we want is peace and laughter;

all we want, is to forget.

But will you need my sense of sorrow?

Will you heed, my cry of pain?

Will you eat, when comes tomorrow?

Will you bleed, your prayers in vain?

Who will meet, your call for justice?

Who will feed your steely gaze?

Who will treat your close companion?

Who will greet, your brother’s face?

All you want, is love and freedom;

all you want, comes at a price.

All you bear is peace and laughter;

all you dare, is bad advice.

Crimson and murder, bode the clocks at St. Matthew’s.

Older and colder, toll the tow’rs by St. Andrew’s.

But lest we forget, moan the bells for St. Joseph’s.

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