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So You

So you’ve come to peddle your wares

And to besmirch your blue suede shoes.

So you’ve come to regret your errors,

To think of the old as new.

So you’ve become the king of your fears

And the kingdom of heaven is yours.

So you’ve come to lengthen your years,

To preserve what is best, of course.

So you’ve atoned and caressed and cavorted and grown.

And so in your own eyes you’ve become the mere representation

Of what’s good to be had:

the meekest alternative to being done.

But never forget that heightened emotion,

And that perilous sidelong glances are nothing

But furious tones, ill-defined.

Never withhold the respectful devotion

That love and its grace, command.

Never let go of the Biblical maxim

That to thine and to theirs is too few:

That what separates you and me and the heirs

Is no more than a grain of salt,

Or maybe two.

Never cease to remind yourself

That us is to ours, heart to heart;

That which is worthy of grace is too kind;

That which is despicable is not.

-- From "The Womb" by Daniel Viragh


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