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On Tantalus Road We Are Pleased To Offer,Visceral Manipulation

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It’s always been a balance for me,

between the right and the wrong;

I can never seem to get it right,

when I am on the road, I want

shelter, your loving arms,

your weeping mama; when

I’m at home, I wanna get

outta town, I get bored stiff

by being tied down to all these

middle class pickers and choosers.

Tell me again: what is it about us,

that makes us human? That

makes us want to salute the eternal,

and save the unsaveable? Perhaps

it’s destiny that we are meant to

gratify our senses but perhaps also,

it’s the secret of the cosmos,

that we want what we can’t have,

we have what we don’t want, and yet,

all it takes is some fresh cigarette smoke,

off a friend, to truly feel at peace.

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