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Listen: I Am Here

Listen: I am here, hungry and terrified,

horrified of what I’m gonna say.

But basically: this thing you call intimacy,

I am just as scared of it, as you.

It’s not mere closeness of our bodies,

is it? It’s more the emotional closeness;

being open and vulnerable; that I might

hurt you, without wanting to:

that’s what scares me to bits.

And yet, I still carry on.

And I think you might be in a similar boat, so to

speak. You want, you yearn to be read

and be listened to; and yet the exposure and the

vulnerability are really hard to bear.

Still: aren’t these the things

which make life

and the act of loving,

worthwhile and beautiful?

And aren’t these the best and probably

only reasons that make life itself worth living?

When you read to me,

the whole world moves;

sparrows perk up and

even the glaciers swerve in to listen.

- For Lea

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