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I Will No Longer Bear Your Burden

You want me to remember

everything that I want to forget:

you want me to surrender,

every iota of regret.

You want me to hurry up,

to get rid of all my hurt:

you want me to pussyfoot,

around the mud, the sex, and the dirt.

You want me to be polite,

to be obtuse, and to self-obstruct:

you want me to electrocute

myself, and to self-destruct.

Well: no more of your fashionistas,

no more of your self-control:

no more, then, of your mercy;

no more, of your cheap parole.

What I say now I have thought about.

What I say will forever be understood.

What I say will not be forgotten,

like you and all your friends would.

I am pledging today to cease allegiance,

to you and your family's crime;

I am promising myself to take my vengeance,

by not acknowledging your grime.

What you want, is civility:

what you want is human regret.

What I am is humility;

what I give, I can beget.

I will no longer bear your burden,

of self-flagellation by the state:

I will no longer stare unbidden,

into molestation and child-rape.

I will no longer come untethered

by the very sight and sound of you.

I will no longer lightly tread,

before the floor creaks:

because we're so through.


In memory of the 215 children, whose graves were found on the grounds of the former Kamloops Residential School, in British Columbia.

From "The Womb" by Daniel Viragh.


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