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I Know What You Did

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I know what you did and it ain’t pretty:

it’s slimy, disgusting, cowardly and vain.

It smells of acid and it burns of Cain.

I know what I did: it was sickly, sadistic

impure and inbred with fear, ego-mania and numbness.

But you and I are still worthy of being:





If we don’t take this one remaining chance

this iota of courage that is offered

this tiniest of openings in the heavens

to make things a bit more right

a bit more centered

a bit less crooked and dilapidated…

Come, walk with me one last time,

in the heaven of our distant gardens

Let us celebrate and rekindle

the love we thought was once lost

Let us enumerate the joys of our youth;

And forgive and forget ourselves

for having been so uncouth.

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