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I Cried To You

I cried to you from the depths,

there I wondered: would you respond?

When the thugs appeared,

and the sunlight left,

would you know, if I’d be strong?

You said, that you would teach me:

you said, me you would protect;

help me, Lord then pray me:

help me speak, what I want to forget.

Would that it were, so squeeze me —

would that my mother were so near—

would that someone were to hold,

and seize me: “listen, to what’s in your ear”.

I thought, that I knew the answer;

I thought, my phraseology was fine.

All I’ve found is cancer;

and all I’ve earned is crime.

How to assure, that the generation,

the next-of-kin will be sound?

How to see and feel and measure?

How to seek, and how to ground?

Would that it were so easy,

as when my mother sat so near.

Would that someone were to hold, and seize me:

“the answer is in your ear”.

“The answer is in your ear”.

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