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About Daniel

The Artist

Daniel Viragh is a Canadian poet and singer. Originally from Montreal, he settled in Vancouver in 2015, after living in Japan for two years (2006-08) and earning a doctorate in history from the University of California, Berkeley (2008-2014).


He's the author of five books of poetry: the most recent is The Womb (2022). His poems bridge the gap between the universal and the personal. When he's not writing or singing, he's probably teaching, doing yoga or on the beach!


Poetry Books

I started writing poetry because it helped me process some of the traumatic events of my childhood. This is how “You, Who Creates” emerged, in 2018. Afterwards, I got interested in The Road as a concept, and as a place between places — quite a Jewish theme — and so, “At The End Of My Travels” appeared in 2019.


My ongoing devotion to yoga and spirituality yielded “Buddha’s Broken Fingernail” a year later. Finally, “escape / velocity” (2020) and “The Womb” (2022) and "Into You" (2023) deal with resilience and grit.

In French, I've published "La ballade des gens libres" (2021) and I am working on a sequel entitled "Règles de survie". Both books deal with the trials and tribulations of new immigrants to the country.


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